Hoosier Environmental Council is Indiana’s leading environmental educator and advocate. We are committed to building a cleaner, greener, and healthier Indiana for all. Our key priorities are clean energy, sustainable agriculture, transportation alternatives, environmental justice, and climate action.

Aveda’s support allows the Hoosier Environmental Council to do work that protects all of the waters in Indiana, bordering Indiana, and those that are downstream. Many of our initiatives could have impacts as far as two of the Great Lakes, the Ohio River and even the Gulf of Mexico.

  • HEC is working to support legislation that will help protect Indiana streams from untreated sewage.
  • Our Sustainable Agriculture Program is working to reduce the amount of animal waste that gets into streams.
  • Our Coal Ash Program leads a statewide coalition that is working to reduce the contaminants from coal ash that are currently seeping into the Ohio, Kankakee, White and Wabash Rivers.
  • HEC is leading the efforts to build the Mounds Greenway, which will preserve the free-flowing White River. The Greenway will protect the river from run-off, preserve habitat for wildlife, and create a hiking and biking trail that will connect Muncie all the way to Indianapolis.
Learn more at www.hecweb.org.